Project Description

Install laser tube – Co2 laser machine installatio

1. Take out the laser tube.
2. Unscrew back screws.
3. Place laser tube properly
4. Connect water pipes with laser tube.
5. Clear up wires and tubes.
6. Adjust laser tube to right place.
7. Connect wires with your laser tube.
8. Lock the screws.
9. Install water chiller.
10. Connect machine’s power wires.
11. Connect air pump.
12. Switch on water chiller.

Note No.1: The side with screw pipe should on the left.
Note No.2: The water outlet place(left side) should be upward.
Note No.3: Red wire is high voltage line. We use 5 shrinkable tubes for safety connection.
Note No.4: Outlet(Chiller) to Inlet(Machine), Inlet(Chiller) to Outlet(Machine)
Note No.5: Switch on water chiller make laser tube full of water.