FrontMark 3D Model

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

  • Laser Type: 3D Fiber Laser
  • Laser Power: Laser Power : 30, 50Watt
  • Working Area: 110mm*110mm | 175mm*175mm | 300mm*300mm
  • Materials: Metal ● Plastic ● Steel ● Copper ● Etc.
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The FrontMark® 3D Fiber Laser Marking System offers excellent laser beam quality with the latest technology. Our 3D fiber system with the top laser source delivers superior performance and reliability.

  • 50-mm variable focal length

    Installation is made easy by eliminating mechanical stages needed to mark at different heights.

  • Variable spot size

    Character width and position can be kept constant for exceptionally sharp marking.

  • 300 x 300-mm wide area

    A single 3-Axis fiber laser marker covers a 300 x 300 mm wide area.

  • 3-Axis laser marking

    High accuracy marking can be made on any shaped target without worrying about character deformation or displacement.

  • High-speed 30W output

    Best-in-class Clear marking even on targets moving at high speed allowing for increased productivity.

FrontMark 3D Principle↓

Moving Lens Working

Moving Lens Fixed

3D Laser Marking

The dedicated software easily corrects the head inclination after integration using X,Y and Z axes, auto focus the laser beam at right position without the need for mechanical adjustment.

Steps Laser Marking
Cylinders Laser Marking

Deep Laser Engraving

FrontMark 3D model auto adjust the focus distance when its engraving. Providing the highest laser power to the processed surface.

Circular Cones Laser Marking

Inclined Surfaces Laser Marking

FrontMark 3D Fiber Laser Technical Specifications

Model FrontMark 3D Model
Laser Source Fiber Laser
Laser Wattage Fiber 30Watt/ 50Watt
Resource of Laser More than 100,000 hours
Cooling Air Cooling
Maximum Speed 12000mm/s (470in/s)
Cooling Type Water Cooling
Speed Control Adjustable from 0.1%~100%
Working Speed Control 0-1000mm/s Set by Software
Power Control 0-1000mm/s Set by Software
Minimum Focus Spot 0.01mm
Minimum Characters 0.1mm
Repeat Precision 0.002mm
Engraving Line Depth 0.01-0.8mm
Operating Language Win XP, Win 7, English Interface
Supported Formats PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, Jpg etc.
Support Mark Format Graphics,Text,Bar code, 2D Code etc.
 Automatic Function Automatic engraving Date, Serial number, Batch number, File link
Computer Interface Standard USB 2.0 Port
Laser Safety Class 3R
Facility Requirements 110/220 volts, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase, 15 amp AC.
Power Consumption 300W-500Watt

FrontMark Desk Fiber Laser Accessories

Laser Source

100,000 hours life time laser source (Means over 10 years)

The FrontMark® Fiber Laser Marking System offers excellent laser beam quality with the latest technology.

3D Head-min

3D Laser Head

 You have different option on 3D marking head. 110mm*110mm, 175mm*175mm, 300mm*300mm. 

Rotation Axis

Easily Marking on round parts.

The fixture for hold round part engraving, rings, tubes or any round workpiece.


Laptop Computer

Laptop Computer, Easy carry and operate.

Software well installed in the computer. Just need start working on this machine when you get it.

300mm Height Adjust Table

One of the most popular model, FrontMark Stand with 300mm height working distance. Easy carry and work on mostly workpieces.

Laser Glass

Laser protection glass protect your eyes without any laser effects.

FrontMark Desk Fiber Laser Working Materials

Stainless Steel Steel Aluminum Brass Copper
Iron Silver Gold Titanium Carbide metal
Cobalt Chrome Coated metals Tin Platinum Steel
Non Metal
Engineering Plastic PA PC PBT
ABS Nylon PES PVC Makrolon
Electroplating Material Coating Materials Epoxy

FrontMark Desk Fiber Laser FAQ

Our FrontMark Desk 10Watt is only USD6800 FOB Shenzhen. Contact with us get the price list immediately.
There are some other cost: Shipping from Shenzhen to your country, pay tax to your custom etc.
We made a detailed Customer Guidance for help you calculate your other cost. Please refer: How to order a laser?
Payment – Production – Shipment – Import – Starting machine.
Here we make a guidance for you: How to import a machine from us? You can contact with us for any question.
We accept 30% prepaid, balance paid before delivery. You may visit Business Terms page for more details.
You may ask our engineer make a free sample for you. We will take photo, video or express the sample to you as for request. Free Sample Test
Yes, Sure!
Our FrontMark Fly laser was designed for production line business. The software provide third-party port for your production line. We have full tutorial video for you to make it easily.