FrontCut 1530

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

  • Laser Type: CO2 Laser
  • Working Area: Working Area: 1500mm×3000mm (59inch×118inch)
  • Max. Workpiece Height: 125mm (4.92inch)
  • Laser Power: 80W | 100W | 130W | 150W
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FrontCut Co2 laser machine is one of the top Glass sealed laser cutting machine created in China. Which is widely using in Non-metal cutting and engraving. Include wood, acrylic, paper, fabric, leather and so on.

  • Acrylic Cut: Fast, Smooth, Straight. Max cut 35mm acrylic by laser.
  • Wood Cut: Computer operation of any complicated files and designs.
  • Wood Engrave: Special wood burned effects at the wood surface. Color could be gradual change.
  • Paper Cut and Engrave: Super fast, easy to make out your complicated invitation card.
  • Fabric Cut: Fast, with out thread. Fabric cut by high temperature laser will not loose the threads from edge.

80W FrontCut Cut 25mm Acrylic ↓


Top Devices

Easy Operation Software

LaserCut 5.3

As simple as use your desk print software.

English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese

Match up Software
Coreldraw, CAD, Illustrator, Etc.

Support Format

Well Packed& Delivery

  • Strong composite material box pack.
  • Footer well locked.
  • Sponge surrounded machines.
  • Stainless steel bolt lock box.
  • Mechanized operation.

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FrontCut 1530 Co2 Laser Technical Specifications

Model FrontCut 1530
Working Area (All Door Close) 1500mm×3000mm (59″×118″)
Working Area (All Door Open) 1500mm×∞ (59″×∞)
Max Material Thickness 125mm (4.92″)
Laser Wattage 80, 100, 130 or 150W
Laser Source CO2 Sealed Laser Tube,10.6μm
Cooling Type Water Cooling
Memory Capacity 32 MB.
Laser Output Control 0-100% Set by Software
Working Speed Control 0-1000mm/s Set by Software
Min.Engraving Size English Letter:1.0mm*1.0mm
Locating Accuracy ≤+0.01mm
Controlling Software DSP Control System
Graphic Format Supported DST PLT BMP DXF DWG AI LAS,etc
Display Panel LCD Display
Print Interface USB Flash Drive, USB Connection. Compatible with Windows® XP/Vista/7
Auxiliary Equipments Exhaust Fan and Air Exhaust Pipe
Power Supply AC110V/220V+10%,50HZ/60HZ
Working Environment Temperature:0-45C,Humidity5-95%
Power Consumption 2000W-2500W
Size (W x D x H) 2180×3600×1080mm (85.8″×141.7″×42.5″ )
Package Size (W x D x H) 2320×3740×1420mm (91.3″×147.2″×56″ )
Net Weight 500 Kg (1102 lbs)
Gross Weight 620 Kg (1367 lbs)

FrontCut 1530 Co2 Laser Accessories

Laser Tube

We use the top quality laser tube in China. The RECI and EFR laser tube have a longer life time.

Model Standard Peak Validity Warranty
Z2 90 W 100 W 10000 Hr 10 Month
Z4 100 W 130 W 10000 Hr 10 Month
Z6 130 W 160 W 10000 Hr 10 Month
Z8 150 W 180 W 10000 Hr 10 Month

Lens and Mirrors

Usually change it when you are change the laser tube.
Focus Lens / Φ20 (63.5mm) / ZnSe
Reflector / Φ25 (2 Pic) / Molybdenum
Reflector / Φ30 (1 Pic) / Molybdenum

Water Chiller

CW3000 – 80W, 100W Laser Systems.
CW5000 – 130W, 150W Laser Systems.
Long working life and simple operation.
Multiple alarm functions.

Exhaust Fan

Strong fan, 550W, 2800r/min, 2100Pa
Super quiet, removes smoke and odors off and provide a clean& non-odour working environment place.

Air Compressor

Made ZL 102 aluminum alloy with streamline design.
Driven by electrical magnetic motor.
SF3 new wearable material for cylinder and piston.
Non-oil lubricating design.

FrontCut 1530 Co2 Laser Optional Items

Blade Table Or Honeycomb Table

Blade Table: Wood, Acrylic, PVC, Glass etc.
Every 3.2cm one strong triangle aluminium alloy blade. Suit for hard materials cut without any reflections.

Honeycomb Table: Cloth, Leather, Paper etc.
High density holes well support for soft materials. Holes table reduces underside laser reflections.

Default: Blade table

Red Dot Position

The laser beam is invisible. With the help of red dot position pointer you can easily find the laser working area. You will have a visual reference for knowing where the laser beam is.

Rotary Axis

Rotary axis was used to extending FrontCut system application. As a optional component, it can be used for cutting and engraving round items.
Major application
1. Engraving and cutting round items
2. Rotate automatically

63.5mm or 50.8mm Focus Lens

63.5mm focus distance is longer than 50.8mm.  Relatively, 63.5mm is better than 50.8mm for cutting thickness products. 50.8mm is better than 63.5 for cutting thin produts example: paper, cloth. leather etc.

Default: 63.5mm focus lens.

Super Fast Model

For some of customer, they mainly working with paper, fabric or leather such very thin materials. They need super fast cut for they production. Super fast model for solve such a problem.
It is 4 times speed than normal model when cutting paper or leather.

FrontCut 1530 Co2 Laser Software

LaserCut5.3 Manual

LaserCut 5.3 Operation software.

System: 32-bit Win Xp/Win 7, 64-bit Win 7/8/8.1/10.
LaserCut5.3 Manual

Easy Operation

  1. Design your file in CAD, Coreldraw or AI software.
  2. Export the designed file to be .PLT or .DXF format and import into Laser software.
  3. Set your engrave and cut graphic with different colors at bottom area.
  4. Set the different colors with laser power and speed.
  5. Send the file set file to FrontCut machine by USB wire or copy by flash driver.

FrontCut 1530 Co2 Laser FAQ

Purchase Cost: Machine Price+Shipping Cost+Import Tax. You could refer this link for machine price Order Process.
Using Cost: Around 1.5 years you will need to change a laser tube. It cost 300-800USD. (You already earned much profit when you need change laser tube)
We do not reduce prices because of the awesome quality with good service. It is worthy!
Everyone will keep reasonable profit in business. Even if you look two machines every thing same. You will find still big difference after using them.
Don’t worry. We provide full guidance for your query, please visit Buying Guide.
Sure, we warmly welcome you email us your any question.
Normally those process: Payment-Shipment-Import-Work machine.
You could visit Order Process guidance page for every details.
We accept 30% prepaid, balance paid before delivery.
It is accord to the models and quantity. Usually within 7 days could delivery for 1-4 sets systems.
Of course! You could install it by our guidance. Videos and manual.
You treat it good, 8 years is no problem. Because many our 2007/2008 year’s machines still making profit for our customers.
For machine, we give one year warranty. Laser tube 10 months warranty.