Laser Wood Engraving & Laser Wood Cutting.

  • 80W: Mostly job is cut 0-3 mm solid wood/0-5 mm mdf. (Max 20mm)
  • 100W: Mostly job is cut 3-6 mm solid wood/5-8 mm mdf. (Max 20mm)
  • 130W: Mostly job is cut 6-10 mm solid wood/8-12 mm mdf. (Max 25mm)
  • 150W: Mostly job is cut 10+ mm solid wood/12+ mm mdf. (Max 25mm)
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Laser Cutting Machine With Wood.

Wood is an incredibly versatile material for laser cutting and engraving. You can use it for jewellery, fashion accessories, ornaments, signage, decorations, custom containers, craftwork, souvenirs, Christmas decorations, gifts, architectural models…heck, even furniture!

Laser Working Wood Photos

Laser Cutting&Engraving Wood Knowdledge

<strong>A. Raw Wood</strong>
Wood is the most commonly used laser processing materials, easily carving and cutting. Light-colored wood such as birch, cherry or maple can well be laser vaporization, and more suitable engraving. Each timber has the different characteristics, and some compact, such as hardwood, in carving or cutting is necessary to use a higher laser power. Front Laser recommend: First study the carving characteristics. If you not familiar with this wood.

<strong>B. Plywood</strong>
In fact, it is same with engraving on raw wood. But note: Not too much deep engraving. Sure, if you use laser cut plywood, also it will become black just like wood.

<strong>C. Wood Cutting</strong>
Generally, the depth of the laser machine cutting wood is not deep, within 5 mm. Because laser power is limit, if you cut slowly, wood will be burning. You can try repeat cutting to cut big thickness wood.

<strong>D. Color on wood</strong>
After engraving
Wood will looks like burning color after engraving. The color mainly depends on laser power and engraving speed. But some softwood you cannot change its color (Eg: Birch). But you can use acrylic paint for coloring on finished wood.