Laser Cut Paper & Laser Engrave Paper.

  • For cutting and engraving Paper, 80W laser power is ok!
  • Sure, if you want faster speed, you could choose 100W, 130W or 150W.
  • More, you could choose our High-Speed configuration for your machine.
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Laser Cutting Machine With Paper.

Laser paper cutting is a quick and easy process that can be used for cutting paper, paperboard and cardboard. for digital printing, for packaging prototype construction, model making or scrapbooking.

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Laser Cutting&Engraving Paper Knowdledge

Lasers are particularly well suited for realizing even the finest geometries with maximum precision and quality. A cutting plotter cannot fulfill these requirements. Laser paper cutting machines not only allow for cutting even the most delicate paper forms, but also engraving logos or pictures can be implemented effortlessly.
Equally as wood, which has a similar chemical composition, paper is evaporated suddenly, which is called sublimation. In the area of the cutting clearance, the paper escapes in gaseous form, which is visible in the form smoke, at a high rate. This smoke transports the heat away from the paper. Therefore, the thermal load on the paper near the cutting clearance is relatively low. This aspect is exactly what makes laser cutting of paper so interesting: The material will have no smoke residues or burnt edges, even for the finest contours.