Metal Laser Marking

Laser Marking & Engraving on Metals

Most of metals can be laser marked by fiber laser marking machines. You could easy operate machine with computer fast and permanent marking& engraving the logos, graphics, numbers, photos or two-dimensional barcode on metals.

Metal Types: Stainless steel, steel, titanium, brass, copper, iron, anodized aluminum, aluminum, carbide, coated metals, cobalt, nickel, pewter, tungsten.

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Laser Marking Methods

There are many different methods that can be employed in order to create a mark on a workpiece. Some materials can be marked by engraving only, whereas with other material there can be a choice of method to be employed.

Melting and Thermal Gouging

Changes the surface material with extreme heat, thus changing the reflection of the surface.

Annealing or ‘Black Marking’

Encourages a modification to the micro-structure of titanium and some steels, creating a permanent (up to 200 degree temperature) non-destructive mark. Sometimes creates a colour change in material

Engraving (Deep Marking)

Penetrates the surface of the material to ‘cut out’ the desired mark. In aluminium material, fiber laser will high power shoot the aluminium and make it to be powder then move off for a deep engraving.

Internal Foaming and Carbonisation

Sometimes, the material covered by transparent plastic of other bubbles, fiber laser will make effects on workpiece directly with laser light though the bubbles or transparent films.

Bleaching and Changing Colour

A non-destructive interaction with the molecules on the surface of the material occirs creating a colour change.

Removing Covering Layer

For example, on a label the laser would remove the coating on a printed area and expose material, thus making a good contrast for the mark.