Laser Cut Fabric & Laser Engrave Fabric

  • For cutting and engraving Fabric, 80W laser power is ok!
  • Sure, if you want faster speed, you could choose 100W, 130W or 150W.
  • More, you could choose our High-Speed configuration for your machine.
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Laser Cutting Machine With Fabric.

Laser cutting is a contact-less and tool-free process. There is no contact and consequently no warping of textiles and fabrics during laser cutting. The laser beam melts the material and the result are clean, perfectly sealed edges. It is guaranteed that there will be no fraying of the end products.

Laser Cutting&Engraving Fabric Knowdledge

Cut Materials: Synthetic materials respond very well to laser cutting. They very often contain plastic or polyester. The laser beam melts the polyester in a controlled manner, which ensures non fraying edges. When cutting organic textiles, such as cotton or linen, with the laser, the produced cutting edge will show some brown discoloration, similarly to wood. To some degree, this effect can be compensated for by selecting the correct lens and laser parameters, and by the use of compressed air.