Laser Acrylic Engraving & Laser Acrylic Cutting.

  • 80W: Mostly job is cut 0-5 mm acrylic. (Max 30mm)
  • 100W: Mostly job is cut 5-10 mm acrylic. (Max 30mm)
  • 130W: Mostly job is cut 10-15 mm acrylic. (Max 35mm)
  • 150W: Mostly job is cut 15+ mm acrylic. (Max 35mm)
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Laser Cutting Machine With Acrylic.

CO2 lasers are particularly well suited for laser cutting acrylic, for instance for the production of illuminated or neon advertising displays, signs, POS/POP displays, etc. When laser cutting acrylic, the result depends on various components – first and foremost the material itself, but also the CO2 laser used, and the performance of the laser cutting machine.

Laser Working Acrylic Photos

Laser Cutting&Engraving Acrylic Knowdledge

A. Acrylic
There are two kind of acrylic production process: Casting and Rolling.
Casting: Laser engraving mainly use casting acrylic. The engraving place will be white color. This white have a big difference with original transparent.
Rolling: After engraving still transparent, didn’t have a comparison.
When you buy it, you should ask for high purity. Otherwise it will be melt in engraving or cutting.

B. Engraving
Generally engraving at back side for looks modeling. So you should mirror your file. High speed and low laser power. If use higher laser power will cause out of flatness at the underside. If need deep engrave, you can engrave more times.
If you need painting at the engraving place, you should deep engraving first, then fire polish it. After paint. Otherwise it looks will be out of uniformity.

C. Cut
Acrylic is easy to be cut. Be sure the operator stand by. Maybe acrylic will be fire.

D. Clean
After engraving, use acrylic paint clean it. Other cleanser will damage acrylic.