Front Laser Applications

Laser Marking

Materials: Metals, Hard Plastics
Laser System: FrontMark Stand, FrontMark Desk, FrontMark Cabinet, FrontMark 3D

Laser Engraving

Materials: Wood. Acrylic, Leather, Paper etc.
Laser System: FrontCut 1390, FrontCut 1690, FrontCut 1325, FrontCut 1530

Laser Cutting

Materials: Wood. Acrylic, Leather, Paper, Fabric etc.
Laser System: FrontCut 1390, FrontCut 1690, FrontCut 1325, FrontCut 1530

Advertising & Signages

Use a Co2 laser for creating 3D block letter, bill boards, logos, boxs from acrylic, wood and other materials. Use Front Co2 laser machines.

Barcode, Series Number Marking

Fiber laser is easy to set up and engraving micro barcode or series numbers. It is automatically changing the numbers or barcodes.

Consumer Electronics

Because of the permanent effects, laser is popular working in electronics. Fast custom any graphic on your Ipad or cell phones or maybe phone case.

Clothes and Fabric

Co2 laser fast cut out your any custom fabric. There is no thread comes out after laser cut. Also laser is widely using for design the nature Jeans.

Logo, Name plate or Scale Marking

You could add the logo or scale on your products basic on super high precision fiber laser marking. No need worry about disappear after years.

Gifts, Arts and Crafts

Engrave or cut custom gifts from acrylic, marble, brass, crystal and many more materials. It is the fastest way to make your idea come to products.

Laser Business& Laser Service Shop

Start your own business in laser area with a small invest. Laser machine could work for you over 10 years. Here is big chance for your business.

Mould and Plastic Area

A good solution in metal or plastic area with your products. Without and pre/post process on the workpieces. Design and fast finish it.