Front Laser Service

Front Laser systems are simple, robust machines using the best-available mechanical components and a maintenance-free laser generator.But, even the best-available components require service from time to time, and Front Laser is ready to respond with a three tier protocol designed to maximize the effectiveness of our service team.

Free Sample Test

We provide free sample test service for every one who interests in Front Laser.
Free Sample test will help you find out the suitable laser solution. You will relieved to order your laser after a sample test.

Start a free sample test now Sample Test Page.

Pre-purchase Trained

We built a training class system for our clients. Now you can easily to learn;
What your machine can do?
How your machine working?
How to operate you machine?
How to install and maintenance your  machine?

One Hour to Be Expert

When you bought our systems, there will be a sample box and a guidance. The sample box include most of processed materials made by your machine. It will tell you what is your machine can do. Also the guidance together with a CD inside are all of the parameters, you can input these parameters into your machine, then you can create a perfect sample again. You will be a expert within 1 hour.

Other Services

● 12 Hours online service for your any tech question.
● Immediate telephone response.
● Keep 10 years stock parts.
● Manual, Operate videos will be provide to you. (When you got this machine, no need setting anything for a start.)
● Machine is very easy to operate, welcome to visit us for training, our engineer is available to your country for training, expense from your side.