Before you purchase a marking or engraving machine you should clarify these things below:

Marking materials

What is the materials you are going to processing? Different material need different machine for working.

Metal Stainless Steel | Iron | Copper | Aluminium | Gold | Silver | Alloy etc.
Non Metal: Wood | Glass | Stone | Leather | Cloth | Paper | Rubber | Fabric etc.
Plastic: Acrylic | ABS | PCB | PVC | Resin | PE | PS | PP | POM etc.

Marking or engraving files

Some machines are good for words engraving but can not for Picture engraving. Most of machine they all have a max working size. So that is why clear these two question is important for your purchase.

What is the file you are going to marking on?
Logo, Words or Picture

What is the Size of the file?
10mm×10mm or 500mm×300mm

Application products

IT electronic products, hardware, components, craft, trophy, bottle, can… ?

Different shape needs different device. The bottle or can needs a rotation device equip on the machine for engraving.

XY Moving Table

Rotating Axis

Effect of requirements

Different marking machine result different marking, engraving effects, clear your effects and then choose the right machine.

  • Black Marking
  • Gray Marking
  • White Marking
  • Colorful Engraving
  • Depth Engraving


What is the usage about this machine?
You are custom dog tag for your customers? or you are marking serial number on your pcb production line?

If you are custom dog tag, then you need a machine suit for many materials.
If you need match with your production line, then you need a fast speed machine. Maybe you need make a mold for holding your parts and fast marking.