There are many models in the area of fiber laser engraving for different needs. Small Model, Stand Model, Separate Model etc. Also there are different power 10W/ 20W/ 30W/ 50W. However which fiber laser engraving machine is suit for you? Let’s see.

FrontMark Fiber Laser Models

Stand Type

– 10W/ 20W/ 30W/ 50W
– 2D Model
Open stand model.
Big processing size. Standing on grand for operation.

Cabinet Type

– 10W/ 20W/ 30W/ 50W
– 2D/ 3D Model
Closed stand model.
Safety protect. Standing on grand for operation.

Seperate Type

– 10W/ 20W/ 30W/ 50W
– 2D Model
Seperate stand model.
Suit for heavy and big parts process, also good for matching with production line.

Desk Type

– 10W/ 20W/ 30W/ 50W
– 2D/ 3D Model
Small Desk model.
Save Place, Suid for small parts processing.

2D and 3D Systems

2D Fiber Laser Marking Systems

The 2-axis deflection units can be used to deflect a laser beam in X and Y directions. This produces a two-dimensional area allowing a laser to be directed at any position. This area is known as the “marking field” as shown in the diagram. Deflection is performed by two mirrors, each of which is moved by a galvanometer scanner. The deflection unit has a beam input, into which the laser beam is fed, and a beam output, through which a laser beam is emitted from the unit after deflection.

The 2D Laser System working size is according to the F-theta lens.
Universal F-theta lens as below

FT70 70x70mm Small Ssize, Deep engraving
FT110 110X110mm Standard device for FrontMark
FT200 200x200mm For medium size engraving
FT300 300x300mm For big size engraving

3D Fiber Laser Marking Systems

In a 3-axis submodule the laser beam first enters a moving lens – the Linear-Translator-Module. A moving lens diverges the beam rapidly before it passes one or two focusing lenses. Then the beam hits a deflection unit that directs the laser towards any x-y position inside the marking field.

Laser Source

Common Fiber Laser Power 10W/20W/30W/50W 

20W fiber laser engraver is the most pop choice. Basic 20W fiber laser can meet 90% work.
10W is good for shallow marking work.
30W for some deep engraving, or match with big size F-theta lens for big size marking.
50W for some deep engraving or high precision thin thickness cutting work(0-0.5mm).

F-theta lens

F-theta lens is using on 2D laser marking systems for focus laser light to the same level surface.
The F-Theta lens was developed for motor-driven polygons or two mirror systems which scanat constant angular velocity.
Most pop size is 110×110 mm
Other size:
70×70 mm for deep engraving.
200×200 mm for large size engraving
300×300 mm for big size engraving

3D Galvo Head

In a submodule without focus correction, the focused laser spot at the centre of the field describes an arc when moved in either axis, creating a sphere of focused points above the working field. At locations away from the centre of the working field, the laser beam is not focused. This is due to the increased length from the lens to the workpiece, as the scanners direct the beam away from the centre of the field.

FT3D110  110X110mm Small Ssize, Deep engraving
FT3D175 175x175mm Standard device for FrontMark
FT3D300 300x300mm For big size engraving

Rotating Axis

For fixed cylindrical, annular and irregular shape of object, with marking machine to engraving on the surface. Mainly used for rings, bracelets and special shape metal, nonmetal workpiece inside and outside surfaces engraving.