We produced many different models in Co2 laser machines. Different laser working area and differnt laser power. FrontCut 1390, FrontCut 1690, FrontCut 1325, FrontCut 1530. Those you could choose euiqped with 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W laser working power.
We made the full guidance for you choose between models and laser power, let’s see.

Find out the right size of co2 laser cutting machine

FrontCut 1390

Size: 1280mm*900mm (50.4″*35.4″)
Laser Power: 80W/ 100W/ 130W/ 150W

In the laser cutting process, this is the most pop model. We open designed Y axis in this model. It is work unlimited at the Y axis. This is the perfect model for cutting acrylic 1220mm*2440mm.

FrontCut 1690

Size: 1580mm*900mm (62.2″*35.4″)
Laser Power: 80W/ 100W/ 130W/ 150W
Bigger table suit for more works. When you doing repeat works bigger table is faster.
Good in cutting and engraving process.

FrontCut 1325

Size: 1280mm*2500mm (50.4″*98.4″)
Laser Power: 80W/ 100W/ 130W/ 150W
FrontCut 1325 with a open side design easy to load and unload. You can put the whole 1220mm*2440mm sheet on the table and make a setting to cut. Also it widely using in cloth, leather cutting. Because they need big size mostly.

FrontCut 1530

Size: 1500mm*3000mm (59″*118.1″)
Laser Power: 80W/ 100W/ 130W/ 150W
This is a super size for some special needs. If you need cut very big size what to do? choose FrontCut 1530. Also we can custom the bigger size for you even 3000mm*6000mm laser cutting machine.

Choose the right CO2 laser power

CO2 laser for Engraving

For engraving process, 80W/ 100W is a good choice.
If you have much engraving works (everyday 16hours more) 100W will be the best.

CO2 laser for Cutting

It is according to you materials and thickness. Below is a cutting parameters

– Most job is cut 0-5mm acrylic. 80W Fine.
– Most job is cut 5-10mm acrylic. 100W Fine.
– Most job is cut 10-15mm acrylic. 130W Fine.
– Most job is cut over 15mm acrylic. choose 150W.

What co2 laser cutter table is suit for me?

Laser is a kind of high power light. When we use it, we should keep the less reflected light made unexpected effects on our parts.
Most of time, when the laser light shoot across the parts, the table will make some reflection laser back and effect on our working parts. So the table is important for different process.
If you are going to engraving on hard materials both table are good. But when you cutting, you should find out the best CO2 laser cutting table.
Sure, you could buy two tables together.

Honeycomb Table

This table have many holes for supporting.
It is good for cutting cloth, leather, paper or other soft materials. Moreover this kind of materials have less thickness, the cutting speed can be very fast, and the reflective from table can not make any effects on parts.

Knife Table

This table constructed by many triangle aluminium alloy knifes. You can add knife by yourself more or less. Between two knifes is empty. The table have a very less place touch with parts.
This is suit for cutting hard materials, like acrylic, wood, PVC, and so on.